enestående Dead Man Working (Paperback) by Cederstrom Carl Fleming Peter Iy6iJmAk

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Capitalism has become strange. Ironically while the 'age of work' seems to have come to an end working has assumed a total presence - a 'worker's society' in the worst sense of the term - where everyone finds themselves obsessed with it. So what does the worker tell us today? 'I feel drained empty - dead.' This book tells the story of the dead man working. It follows this figure through the daily tedium of the office to the humiliating mandatory team building exercise to awkward encounters with the funky boss who pretends to hate capitalism and tells you to be authentic. In this society the experience of work is not of dying...but neither of living. It is one of a living death. And yet the dead man working is nevertheless compelled to wear the exterior signs of life to throw a pretty smile feign enthusiasm and make a half-baked joke. When the corporation has colonized life itself even our dreams the question of escape becomes ever more pressing ever more desperate.