Fabriks direkte salg Spirit of Truth: Unlocking the Bible's Teaching on the Holy Spirit (Proclamation Trust) (Paperback) by Jackman David yHy4rAdK

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The Holy Spirit has worked in the lives of believers since creation. He has been bringing people to repentance comforting the broken-hearted guiding the faithful and helping Christians to pray. The story of the church is his story too. Despite this pivotal role there is much debate in the church over the nature of his activity in our lives. Differing interpretations have resulted in divisions in the church. This book clarifies the Holy Spirits character and work enabling the person leading a bible study or preaching to teach authoritatively about him: maintaining a healthy vibrant church that honours God in unity - in spirit and truth. The Church can only carry out the cultural and evangelistic mandates given to it if we listen to the Holy Spirit and work with him. Communities and nations can only be changed if people listen to his calling through the church. David Jackman has produced a work that will be of immense help to Christians who seek to gain more of an understanding of how the Holy Spirit moves in our lives.